“Actress and singer Mendis does a spot-on Barbra Streisand impression…you’ll walk out hearing Mendis’ voice resounding through your brain, and heart.”

Star Tribune, Minneapolis MN

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Melody Mendis explores the timeless music of Barbra Streisand through her presentation of Funny Girl, Yentl, The Way We Were and more. Her shows embody the many faces of this great legend from Barbra’s early jazz club days to the full stadium style concert years.

“Melody as Barbra”

A tribute to the legendary Barbra Streisand. Melody’s classically trained voice allows her to perform some of Streisand’s most powerful numbers. Experience the ultimate musical celebration with this magical, timeless show that will have you humming along and screaming, “Hello Gorgeous!”

“A Barbra Christmas”

A holiday-cabaret extravaganza including Sing-a-longs, amazing costume changes and lots of Holiday Cheer!

Whether offered with piano accompanist or with a trio either of Melody’s shows will create a beautiful evening of entertainment!

Melody as “Barbra” pours herself in every performance and the audience feels each song, takes the journey through the highs and lows all while nested in a warm bubble of timeless music and comforting memories. Melody performs in intimate venues, supper clubs to larger stages where an audience member could not only touch or see “Barbra,” but feel immediately pulled and emotionally connected to the performance.

Melody is accurate beyond measure in the voice, style, banter with the audience, they quickly make the leap and are swept into Barbra’s world. A Funny, witty, full of heart and surprises, Melody takes on a role that many do not attempt. She writes shows that embody the many faces of Barbra from the early Jazz clubs all the way to the full stadium style Concert years and will surely entertain with a twist!